Real Life Results.

The energy and knowledge of the staff are exceptional. Personalised fitness, that the big corporates would like to offer but cannot, is the signature of NYF.

Geoff Barett

I’m about to finish my 6 week bootcamp and love it so much, I’m continuing on. They are so awesome and so helpful. Believe me, I need the help! If you need to modify the workout , they allow it, show it, and have no problem. I was so hesitant about starting the bootcamp, but I’m so glad I did, because I love it and plan to stay for a long time! I’m in it to win it with a great group of trainers! This place Rocks!

Christy Wilson

have tried and tried to exercise only to become discouraged being left to my own devices and exercise plan. At New You Fitness, you get professional help the entire way. The people I work out with are from all age groups and fitness levels. But we work TOGETHER. The encouragement that we get is beyond anything I have experienced. I have never been more determined to stay the course & for that I can thank New You Fitness! I also love the cost!! These big gyms that give you no help and ask for big monthly sums...I get a personal trainer every time I exercise. I work out with different people every time and they all have amazing success stories! I was super embarrassed at how out of shape I had let myself get and am so thrilled I found you!!!! You are changing my life one exercise at a time! - Anita Vaughn Hinman Werts

I had major anxiety about walking into a gym after several years of not going to one. I've been welcomed and encouraged from day one. Not just from the staff but the clients as well. Great place to come no matter what your fitness level.

Maria Mills Bair